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How to Download YouTube Videos on your PC or Mobile for Free?

Devices that are available online and even in the local markets comes with fully loaded features that enable you to convert the media files as per your requirements to suit the needs of your particular project. Now another difficult possibility is that the inbuilt design of your device (preferably, if it is a personal computer then the downloads can be easily managed) can not be further brought into variations.

In our day to day life, we need various kinds of media to bring into our use. To suit the purpose, you can easily get thousands of videos on the internet to be it an open portal or a website depending upon your requirements and arrangements. You may also need to convert any YouTube video to MP3 depending upon your requirements and the arrangements you need to make for your work. 

Sometimes due to some professional work or like you need video files for your personal stuff to build something, listen always feel the need to have these videos downloaded to your device in either MP3 format.

Systems that come with different downloaders are often found to be more lucrative than what we have usually heard of. Most of the computers come with all the possible options that can let you have the flexibility of switching between the systems. 

While naming the folder you can use different types of names ranging from a wider category of types. There are many converters or free websites that help you to download YouTube videos to MP4, MP3, & many other formats on your personal computer. No matter what the operating system is, the process can work perfectly fine with all types of operating systems. 

Now the main thing that must be coming into the mind is perhaps why would you need to download YouTube videos? This may be because you might have lost access to the original file and need or want to play the video on a different platform such as a video player for YouTube. You might also need to have a YouTube stream to download for offline availability.

Apart from the videos that we find online, there are also various platforms where you can find the videos but you will have to either purchase them online through any of the available purchase options available on the website. Or else, you can also stream them online. 

But among all these, the best possible option that is possibly available to you is to download them to your PC offline.  

Apart from various other websites, there are many other social media platforms that are loaded with tonnes of videos. Be it related to any category. Among the most famous and trending platforms is YouTube. You can easily find millions of videos out there on YouTube which you might love to have on your computer with YouTube Video Downloader.

So now you must be looking for a source or way to download videos straight away from YouTube. Download YouTube videos at your convenience and portability. Well, the way is possible and can be easily accessed using some extremely simple steps.

  • Go to the YouTube video you want to convert into your desired format
  • Copy the link URL of the particular video
  • Now go to the converter site, open the search bar and paste the copied URL there.


Published by Karan Prakash

Hi everyone. I am an SEO Executive and I am working on a website called YouTube2Video through which you can easily convert & download unlimited videos from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and many other platforms in MP3, MP4, etc.

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