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The Impact of Music on Human Body

Remember, the last time you accidentally hit on a piece of instrumental music, you swayed your emotions and body along with it. You can call that a positive effect on your mental health as it helps you forget things you wish for.

Stuck in traffic jams, came home stressed out, can’t find a way to breathe it out, need to set the candle dinner for your loved ones, babies keep crying their lungs and not fall asleep for goodness sake, exams are near and not able to focus on your book, deadlines hitting right in the back of your head and still can’t find your motivation to finish it off…

Yes, right in the middle of your day’s chaos, music helps one to let go of the stress. If I may have a say, Music is a form of expression, and many would disagree with it. It sparks the nerves and loosens up the muscles to move freely as the heart wishes, towards the rhythm of the music. 

Music is played at every type of celebration, which includes, weddings, during traditional worships to god, graduations, during sports to cheer up, birthday parties, etc. To even halt, instrumental music has been used to create attention and sign for a stop. Nostalgic, it does give me glimpses of my school days. Neither does the music stay stagnant, nor the hearts of the child that lives inside every one of us. Music was and will never stay still and shall always change and transform now and then. New artists come up and give us a new taste and pathway to let loose of ourselves.

It helps to improve their memory power.

You must have seen children reciting poetry in rhythm to memorize. At least, the teacher must have taught them in that way to make them enjoy learning and bring the creativity inside them out. That can be one of the examples of how music benefits children. Kids are bound to learn things at one dynamic note. Dynamics refers to the volume of a sound or note in musical notations. As the kids grow up and become more knowledgeable, they read and sing different kinds of music played, by bringing things to life by using loud, soft, and silence. Then it becomes an emotional experience for the audience who is listening to it.

It boosts their confidence level.

When your child has problems with confidence, learning to play an instrument will help to boost their confidence level. With time, they will become better and more confident about their abilities which will have their reflection over the child’s character and attitude as well.

It will inherit patience and discipline in them.

When kids are playing in a group, they learn to be patient and wait for their turn. Paving ways to each of the instrument to its point and take their best stance when it is their turn. It builds their patience and character strengths.

Like always, It is a great form of expression.

Remember, during our childhood, we care less about anyone to laugh or look at us and have danced like a hippie whenever our favorite song pops out of the speakers of our television. That’s a kids way to express his joy, and his happiness, likeliness towards that particular thing that is making him dance in happiness and thrill. Haven’t you seen babies laugh and smile all of a sudden after a big cry when the mother moves them in a rhythmic movement along to the music? There cannot be any better example than that. We all have hopped our walk-through to home, humming a song. That’s how music paves the way to home.

More generally, While listening to music, the brain drives the chemical reactions up high. It starts to release dopamine, a chemical or a hormone responsible for feeling certain emotions, in our bodies. As music can create its attention, it acts as a distraction and also helps to explore emotions. This becomes a great aid to meditate and help our mind to not wander but to concentrate. Our brains are naturally wired to respond to music, even though it is not essential for our survival. Even the major negative effects can be ruled out by positive outcomes.

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