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Safe Websites To Download YouTube Videos to MP4

Want to binge-watch a YouTube series and internet connectivity is a problem?

Having a limited data pack and want to watch your favorite Youtube videos repeatedly at high quality without using much data?

Then why not download YouTube videos to mp4 file in your device.

Youtube is one of the most trending websites for exploring videos, because from academics to entertainment, from religion to Hollywood, Youtube covers a wide range of videos. And many people wish to get those videos on their devices to play it as per their convenience.

Here is the list of some safe websites used to convert & download Youtube videos to mp4.

1. YoutubeMultiDownloader

YoutubeMultiDownloader is a legit website for downloading videos.

It is embedded with wonderful features. This site even supports multiple formats. You don’t need any other Download Manager to access this website, you can directly browse it online. So, it doesn’t bother the memory of your device. It is absolutely free as well as safe to use. It is supported on

2. is a website that provides free service. has got a filter in which you cannot download videos with copyrights and this saves you from any future copyright crime committed due to lack of knowledge. Here you don’t have to download any extra applications or tools in your device. Talking about the security criteria then this website is highly secured.


Like its name suggests is 100% safe site to download Youtube videos. It directly runs from your web browser thus does not demand any further downloads so it won’t create a problem of memory and storage. The procedure to download videos is also easy and small. Looking at all the fields will be a great option to download YouTube videos to mp4 files.

4. joins the list of websites used to download Youtube videos and convert it to an mp4 file. It is free as well as easy to access a website. It is a user-friendly website. Generally, the safety measures is not an issue.

5. proves out to be a safe site to download Youtube videos. It does not demand to introduce any external downloader was its smooth application. One can directly access it from its default browser.

6. proves out to be a helpful tool for downloading videos. It helps you to grab videos from different websites absolutely free. And as far as safety is concerned, it is a safe website

7. YouTubNow :

YouTubNow Downloader stands prominently as a website to download videos. Although YouTubNow downloaders cannot be held responsible for the content user downloads it assures the user that the whole procedure of downloading a video is 100% safe and secure.

Below are a few websites which are helpful in downloading videos but they are not recommended much because of safety measures

1. works on various platforms like windows, android devices, Linux, macOS, and iPhone devices. But if looking at the safety service it’s less safe.


It is an easily accessible website available to download Youtube videos. It is free as well. But does not prove out to be a safe website.

3. aTube Catcher

It provides features more than one imagines for a video downloader website. It is free and supports around 10,000 websites. Almost any video you throw at it, it readily downloads it. Its interface attracts users. But when comes the question regarding safety, aTube Catcher is not found to be much safe. Thus, if you are using aTube Catcher then make sure you use it wisely.

Again cautious use of these websites might prove out to be safe.

Many new websites get launched in the market every day for the purpose to convert & download YouTube videos to mp4 file. But I would not recommend the users to use a website that is not authorized and canonical. Before using any website read its terms and conditions very carefully. Also, check about how safe the website is and what access permission they ask for.


Published by Karan Prakash

Hi everyone. I am an SEO Executive and I am working on a website called YouTube2Video through which you can easily convert & download unlimited videos from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and many other platforms in MP3, MP4, etc.

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