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YouTube To MP4 Converter Tool Quickly Convert with YouTube2Video

Many of us Convert our favorite YouTube video into several different formats as per our requirements. We convert our YouTube video into MP3, MP4 and other different formats also. The basic need behind this Conversion is nothing but to save the daily data limit and watching the same video on loop without wasting the internet on the same video. By doing this, i.e, by converting videos into MP4, MP3 like formats, we can also share them directly, in other applications like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. But besides the availability of several different formats, most of us prefer to watch a video or download them into MP4 format. Why?

Here are some of the benefits of Converting YouTube videos into MP4 format only.

  • Many digital Devices support only supports MP4 platforms.
  • It is the most universal video format around.
  • It stores files, videos, audio files, text, and images too.
  • It gives the highest video quality while maintaining the relatively small file size.
  • Provides perfect sound.

But how can one Convert YouTube video into MP4 format?

So, to do the same, you can use the YouTube2Video online converter site. It is the best site available for converting videos from YouTube to MP4 format. It is available with the highest rating among all. It not only converts video into MP4 format but also into several different formats like MP3, AVI, WAV, and many others.  

What are the steps which one needs to follow while converting?

  1. Open your browser and go to, now search for your video you want to convert into MP4 format.
  2. Now, copy the URL link of the video and open a new tab.
  3. Search YouTube2Video on Google.
  4. After searching, you will find an input search option.
  5. Paste the copied URL link in the input search and press the “convert” button.
  6. After this, many quality formats will appear on the screen and you can choose one according to your preference.
  7. After choosing the video quality, press the “Download” button. It will take 30-40seconds.
    Your Youtube video is converted!

Why should one prefer YouTube2Video? Why is it the best?

YouTube2video converter is the best because it gives you the following benefits: –

  • It is available free online.
  • It gives you a choice of quality Conversion.
  • It demands no registration.
  • It gives you an advertisement-free video streaming offline.
  • It gives you the best quality video with perfect sound.
  • It provides you fast downloading speed as well.
  • It is the safest way to do so.

How can one not prefer YouTube2Video over these benefits!

But now the question arises is it legal to Convert YouTube videos to MP4 format?
According to YouTube policy, it is legal to download any video into different formats for our betterment but it is illegal to download the copyright of the same video. But one should always remember that he/she shouldn’t copy, reproduce, transmit, sell, display, broadcast, license, or exploit any content. YouTube doesn’t allow its users to create copyright for any other video. Though YouTube and Google have tried different sites and stopping people from doing the same. But it is legal if you do the same with the help of a free YouTube2Video video converter.

As every one of us can’t have direct access to the internet or WiFi all the time. And using YouTube without the internet or WiFi is like having apple pie without apples. So, for people like us, it is far better to download our favorite YouTube video to MP4 format. It not only saves our money in terms of daily data and reduces our internet cost but also saves our time as it gives its user an advertisement free video streaming offline. It also helps you in out of the network area. For saving YouTube video offline one can also use save the video offline but it will automatically get removed from the save video after some time. And taking YouTube premium will cost you extra charges. So, why not do it for free? It is beneficial to convert in all terms to convert YouTube videos into MP4 format always!


Published by Karan Prakash

Hi everyone. I am an SEO Executive and I am working on a website called YouTube2Video through which you can easily convert & download unlimited videos from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and many other platforms in MP3, MP4, etc.

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