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7 Best Free YouTube to MP4 Video Converters for Android and PC

It is always good to watch videos on the go, especially if we use any kind of Android device. There are several great mobile phones tablets and PC systems with a variety of video playback support. In accordance with the Android developer’s recommendations, the best options that are suitable for the file formats of most of the devices usually go hand in hand. Also, you can find numerous free and paid applications that are available on the internet to help you in this regard. Let us have a look at these 7 free YouTube videos to MP4 converters especially for the Android devices and PC.

These video converters can make your life much easier by changing video files into different formats. They can also enable you to play the video on your desired device and application because they are pretty useful when editing video as changing the file to a different format can allow you for a more efficient editing process.
Here is a list of best YouTube video to MP4 converters-


This is a paid-only software but you can ride out for free to see if it is a good fit for you. One of the main benefits of this paid service is that you won’t have to worry about the advertisement for any kind of annoying notification when editing is being carried out.

Wondershare Uniconvertor

This is one of the best video converters for PC. This is not the cheapest software that is available but if you are looking for quality and speed then it can be a good fit for you. It is paid software so that you won’t have to see any kind of annoying advertisements or upsells to deal with.

DivX Converter

It offers a free version but there is also a paid offering. However, if you are paying attention you can simply and check the box and then continue with your installation process. At one point, you can also be asked to check your email address so that you need to enter this understand you can simply click on finish.

Freemake Video Converter

It is the free software and the differences between the free Android versions are a lot. Upon its installation, you will be taken to a website browser page that will ask you to register which you can also ignore and go straight to the app. If you are using the free version, expect to see a lot of upselling attempts.

Wonderfox HD Video Converter Factory

It is a paid tool that offers a free and unregistered version to use as a form of trial. With this, you can only convert videos of up to 5 minutes in length and can download up to 5 files from the internet. Apart from letting you know what you should do to upgrade to a full license, the app will try to get you to install any kind of additional software. The interface is not much polished but it is super easy to use.

Movavi Video Converter

This application comes with an unlimited 7-day free trial that allows you to convert the first half of any kind of video file. In case you are using the free trial, you will get the reminders to purchase a full license with no ads and the installer won’t try to install any additional software within it. The software is not cheap but you can get what you pay for as it comes with a clean modern interface that is pretty simple to navigate.

Any Video Converter

It is a great option for users on a budget because it’s a free version is the liquid to handle most basic video conversion tasks. This form is difficult for most of the premium video converter that is available with two separate pieces of software.

Having a quality YouTube Video Converter at your disposal hearing is that you can always play videos on any kind of device. Especially when it comes to Android devices or PC, you won’t have to waste time on any kind of tool that won’t work for you. Whether you are making your own or viewing any video on online platforms, you can find this video almost every time and everywhere these days. They are in abundance and it is hardly an experience to play any kind of video file on multiple devices.


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